Sassari and the surrounding area | Hotel Caro Felice

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Sassari and the surrounding area

Sassari and the surrounding area

Sassari and the surrounding area

Sassari and the surrounding area

Staying at the Hotel Carlo Felice makes it easy to reach the historical centre of Sassari in just 5 minutes by car or bus. In addition, some of Sardinia’s most stunning beaches are no more than half-an-hour’s drive away.

The hotel is also situated just a stone’s throw from the Vanni Sanna stadium and the Palazzetto Serradimigni, making it the ideal base from which to attend Serie D football matches at the former, or national and European championship basketball games at the latter.

Sassari is also famed for its ancient University, which was the alma mater of such celebrated Italians as Berlinguer, Segni and Cossiga, and for its numerous churches and delightful gardens in the city centre, its flavourful local cuisine and, last but not least, the sacred and profane events that have been taking place here for centuries, such as the Cavalcata Sarda (Sardinian Cavalcade) and the Discesa dei Candelieri (Descent of the Candlesticks).

The city, which arose in the Middle Ages, has over the years become one of the island’s main cultural hubs. It was the birthplace of numerous individuals who have gone on to achieve renown well beyond the regional boundaries (alongside those already mentioned, others include Domenico Alberto Azuni, Enrico Costa, Pasquale Tola and many more besides). As well as being a fascinating city to visit thanks to the layers of history it offers up to tourists, Sassari is also an excellent point of departure from which to visit the beaches of north-western Sardinia, some of which are widely considered to be amongst the island’s most beautiful.

  • Sassari – Argentiera

    Little more than 25 miles from Sassari, you will come to the evocative ghost town of Argentiera, home to an old mine that closed in 1962; the abandoned buildings are still standing. Against this almost lunar backdrop, you can see Cala dell'Argentiera, a small beach of sand mixed with gravel and mining residues. The crystal-clear water makes it a favoured haunt of diving fanatics.
  • Stintino - La Pelosa

    This is perhaps the most impressive of Sardinia’s myriad beaches: a long stretch of fine white sand that slopes gently down to crystalline water with a thousand undertones of colour, making it reminiscent of the sea in the Caribbean.
  • Alghero

    Alghero is one of the most famous tourist hotspots in northern Sardinia. This city, which started life as a Catalan settlement, is located a little less than 20 miles from Sassari and offers numerous breathtaking beaches, places of great interest in terms of their archaeology and natural history (Porto Conte national park, the nuraghe at Palmavera, etc.) and a host of fantastic nightspots in the streets of the old town and along the promenade.
  • Porto Torres – Balai

    Balai is the most well-known beach on the coast of Porto Torres. Nestling between two cliffs, it features emerald-green water and a seabed that is partially sandy and partially rocky. The bay is loomed over on the left by a charming country church that rises up precipitously, making the backdrop all the more unique and stunning.